Education & Teaching Experience

  • First homeschool graduate in the nation to serve on a State Board of Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) ministry certification (2006)
  • Teaching sewing, canning and hands-on skills in the United States & Mexico (2007-2011)
  • Piano teacher (September 2015-April 2020)

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • SFIA Enterprises, LLC (2021-present);
    owner/operator of short & long term rentals
  • Badger Run Berries, LLC (2018-present);
    owner/operator developing u-pick blueberry farm, honey beekeeper
  • Independent Sales Consultant with:
    Lilla Rose, Norwex, Plexus, &
    Young Living (2012-2018)
  • Sarah’s Eggs (1999-2012); raised chickens & sold farm fresh eggs throughout the neighborhood using a bicycle delivery system, eventually expanding to include farmers markets, CSA’s, health food stores, and restaurants in Cleveland

Work Experience

  • Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur
    (2020-present); co-producer
  • House Cleaning, Babysitting (2005-2013)
  • Fowler Enterprises, Inc (2005-2020);
    Executive Office Assistant (2008-2017),
    Director of Marketing (2018-April 2020)

Community Involvement

  • Ashtabula Ag Day, volunteer
  • Ashtabula Jr Fair Livestock Auction, supporter
  • Ashtabula County Farm Bureau, member
  • Ashtabula County Young Republicans, member
  • Ashtabula Real Estate Investors Association, member
  • Ashtabula township Association, member
  • The Ridge Nazarene Church, member
  • Mya Women’s Center, Ashtabula, supporter
  • Licensed Foster Parent
  • Student Speech & Debate Judge (CCOO)

Elected Service

  • Ohio State Representative (2021-2022);
    Committee Service: Agriculture & Natural
    Resources, Primary & Secondary Education,
    State & Local Government, Veteran’s Affairs
  • Ohio State Board of Education (2013-2020);
    Vice-chairman of three committees (2014-2018), National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) Government Affairs workgroup (2015), Teaching, Leading &
    Learning Committee Chairman (2019-2020)


Sarah Fowler Arthur is currently serving her first term in the Ohio House of
Representatives. She represents the 99th district, which includes portions of Ashtabula and Geauga Counties. Sarah is currently serving on four legislative committees: Agriculture and Conservation, Armed Services and Veterans Affairs, Primary and Secondary Education, and State and Local Government.

Prior to being elected to the House, Fowler Arthur was an elected member of the Ohio State Board of Education from 2013-2020. Sarah has supported parental direction of children’s education and local control of Ohio’s public schools throughout her time in office. She is the first homeschool graduate in the nation to be elected to a State Board of Education and won re-election in a six county district twice.

Sarah served on more than a dozen State Board of Education committees and several workgroups, which has given her a wide range of education policy experience. She was the State Board’s 2015 appointee to the National Association of State Boards of Education workgroup on Governmental Affairs that focused on federal education law and policy. Sarah has also served as vice-chairman of three different committees (2014-2018) and was the chairman of the Teaching, Leading, and Learning Committee (2019-2020).

A small business owner, Sarah started her first business when she was just eleven years old, operating “Sarah’s Eggs” for thirteen years. A former independent consultant with Lilla Rose, Norwex, Plexus, and Young Living, she enjoys providing quality products and services to her customers. Sarah grew up in agriculture and in 2018, started Badger Run Berries, LLC, a developing u-pick blueberry farm. She and her husband also own and operate SFIA Enterprises, LLC engaging in the local tourism and hospitality industries with short and long term rental properties. In addition to pursuing her entrepreneurial interests, Sarah was Director of Sales and Marketing for Fowler Enterprises, Inc until her marriage in April 2020.

In her spare time, Sarah has taught hands-on skills such as canning and sewing to small classes of adults and children in both the United States and Mexico. She has enjoyed teaching beginning and intermediate piano to over fifty students ages five to eighteen and began honey beekeeping in 2021.

Sarah and her husband Isaac, a US Army Veteran, currently reside on their farm in Plymouth Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio where they co-produce the international YouTube channel ‘Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur.’ They are licensed foster care parents and enjoy sudoku, logic puzzles, reading, writing, gardening, and bicycling when they are not supporting community events! Sarah credits her parents and grandparents for instilling in her the valuable life lessons of hard work, respect, loyalty and love for God and others.