2019 Internship Outline



Internship Goals – It is the goal of this internship program to mentor and encourage young adults, sixteen years of age or older, who are interested in gaining knowledge, skills and experiences in education policy, general office skills, and government affairs.  Specific skills will vary with the internship experience pursued; however, the internship is intended to provide the student with opportunities to develop character, build understanding of key topics in education policy, and provide experiences that support both the function of the office or campaign and the students’ future goals.

Successful completion of the internship may result in letters of recommendation, additional internship, scholarship, or job opportunities; however, these are determined on an individual basis and are based upon exhibited character qualities during the internship, fulfillment of commitments, and observed qualifications.  Intangible benefits are to be expected as the student applies himself; however, there is no guarantee that an intern will receive any tangible benefit.

Program Outline – There are three internship pathways available: Business Management, Research Analysis, and Campaign Management.  The specific learning expectations and areas of responsibility are listed in the 2018InternshipApplication.  Internships require 10-15 hours each week and students may apply for the 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month program.  Internships do not include compensation.  Interns may have access to more value-added experiences if transportation is available and their schedule permits.

Depending on the internship pathway selected, interns work primarily from home using their own computer and phone to gather and process information or complete projects under the primary supervision and direction of Sarah Fowler.  Students are expected to be self-motivated with the majority of guidance being offered through weekly phone calls and e-mail.  If transportation allows, regular attendance of meetings, events, and in-person interactions is preferred.

Qualifications and Selection Criteria – Students must be at least sixteen years of age and have an interest in family and education policy issues, the electoral process, and state government.  Students must be of good moral character, self-motivated, resourceful, responsive to instruction and guidance, and flexible to a variety of tasks and environments.  Parental consent and signature are required for students under eighteen years of age.

Applicants must be willing and able to interact respectfully with diverse groups of people, be committed to providing true and accurate information, set an individual goal for the internship and evaluate their progress regularly, be committed to developing strong research, written and oral skills, and have the ability to use Microsoft programs and Social Media at a functional level.  Access to transportation may be required to participate in some aspects of the internship.


To Apply, please complete the 2018InternshipApplication and send it to: Sarah Fowler